• Why wasn’t my comment published?

We are a Social Justice 202 blog, and everyone at SJL have busy lives outside of maintaining and monitoring this site. We post and comment purely out of our own leisure time. While we will sometimes engage and educate people in Kyriarchy 101, it is not our responsibility to educate or even entertain derailing comments. In many instances we simply do not have the emotional resources or time to deal with every 101 comment.

The comments on this blog are moderated because we wish to create a welcoming and safe space for as many people as possible. While we always appreciate constructive discussion and calling out on problematic aspects of posts or comments, this does not extend to comments that are derailing and highly ignorant, even if that ignorance is unintentional. A person’s ignorance is their own responsibility, and especially when there is Google and the whole internet should anyone want to research more into a particular topic. You should also realise that a respectful tone – while always appreciated – will not make a comment with bigoted, hurtful or derailing content acceptable.

If we do not publish your comment it is likely because the comment either requires 101 education or is highly derailing. In addition, all comments that are longer than 500 words will not be published. You may feel this is unfair treatment or that it somehow impedes your freedom of speech. If so, we encourage you to set up your own blog and post your criticisms there. Free speech is something you demand from your government, not from us.

In the interests of efficiency, here are some arguments we’ve addressed before: