Spam (Please Stand-by)

Hello readers!

Unfortunately we’ve just gone through another round of getting hacked by spammers. It should now be cleaned, but if you experience any spam redirects please, please, please let us know.

There will be some announcements and updates from us in the near future as well!  SJL are doing well – we’ve just been incredibly busy these past few months.

A Note About Our Posting Schedule

Well, that title is a lie: we don’t have a posting schedule. Shocking! Yes, yes, we confess to everything. We just post things as we write them, and our blog is more like a collection of essays than an online magazine or whatever the cool kids call their cool blogs. We want to put up posts that we think are useful and well reasoned (stop laughing!) and so if we don’t have anything, we don’t post anything.

At the moment things are especially quiet around here. That’s because I’m in the process of relocating from Australia to the US for my PhD (or “grad school” as I now call it in a desperate bid to fit in with the Americans). The other members of SJL have busy lives as well! Also Connie broke her toe recently. Okay I’m just making excuses now.

We have posts in the pipeline, but right now other things are taking precedence. And although we can’t promise regular updates, we can promise that we are not going away anytime soon.

Happy New Year!

On behalf of everyone at SJL, I want to wish all our readers a very happy arbitrary-orbital-segmentation-point! Thank you all for stopping by, no matter how often you do so – and especially if you have contributed to the discussion in any way.

SJL is a labour of love for us, and we really only post once a week. We’re so grateful for the level of interest and stimulating commentary you guys have already provided. Obviously, we’d do it to an empty room if we had to: this blog was born because we spend a lot of our time talking these issues through together, so we’re used to that! But we’re really happy when we manage to write something that resonates with you, or makes you reconsider something, or articulates something you already felt. That’s what we do for each other, and that’s what we hope we’re doing with this blog.

In particular, to our handful of regular commenters, re-posters, re-bloggers, twitter heralds and assorted linkers-at-large: you are magnificent. I can’t count how many times one of you has made my day, and I know the rest of SJL feel the same. Thank you all, wherever you are.

Spam Spam Spam

I’ve been notified that the website is having some spam problems, namely redirects from Google. Currently looking into how to clean it up, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will need to back-up and reinstall a clean copy of WordPress from scratch. I will probably be doing this tonight but in the meantime, but you can keep in touch with us via Twitter.

EDIT 1: Looks like all our PHP files have been infected and a clean install is the best bet to ensuring the website is malcode free. I’ll be doing this tonight with my fingers crossed that I don’t accidentally delete everything. In the future please let us know if something’s broken on the site as soon as you see it! SJL is a labour of love and we’re not always able to notice these sorts of things promptly.

EDIT 2: As of right now posting this, I am pretty sure that the site is clean. HOWEVER, there is a good chance that the spam may come back. I’d do a more thorough investigation, but that would require a lot more time than I have on my hands right now so I’m hedging my bets that it won’t come back. Please, please, please let us know if you experience any further problems. Thanks everyone!

Site Registration and Twitter

Due to the number of spam registrations we’ve been getting, I’ve turned off registration for the website and deleted all accounts. I suspect some of those accounts may have been genuine, but you will never need an account to view or comment on the website so there’s not much of a reason to have an account.

I’ve also set up an automated Twitter (@SJLeague) which is updating with new posts as well as comments. Well, the comment updates have been a bit hit-and-miss but it is definitely updating with new posts! I will turn off comment updates if things get too much.

Obligatory Awkward Introduction

If there were a Venn diagram with Social Justice Activism, Ethical Capitalism and Science & Rationality, the central overlap would contain The Social Justice League. We are a group of geeky, sex-positive and fat-positive feminists who hate the kyriarchy and like the sound of our own voices. This blog is a place for us to put our thoughts on issues related to our own marginalisation, our own privilege, and our thoughts on how social justice interacts with science, skepticism, geekdom and popular culture.

Although we are of different races, sexual orientations, body sizes, and degrees of mental and physical health, we do share some common traits that could lead to common biases. We are all cisgendered women. We have all either completed or are currently completing tertiary education at a large Australian university. We are all at this time broadly part of the “middle class”.

Although we consider our ignorance our own responsibility, we are likely to occasionally fuck it up, and we would love to be called out if we are displaying privilege or ignorance. We promise that if you call us out on some unexamined privilege, we will take it seriously and treat you with respect.  We are actively seeking to get informed about our privilege and our unexamined prejudices.

You can assume that we agree on the fundamentals, but we’re also individuals who will sometimes have differing opinions or perspectives on a topic. Therefore, each author’s view is wholly their own. We approve of member posts as a group, but approval is rooted in constructive discussion; it does not mean we all necessarily hold that same view.

We really hope other people will want to discuss the issues we raise. We have some suggestions for how to make that run smoothly for everyone:

First, we don’t use the word “crazy” in our posts, and we ask that you avoid using it in our comments, because crazy is an ableist word. We also don’t use the words “retarded“, “gay” or “lame” to mean bad, and we ask that you avoid using them in the comments too.

Second, we will delete comments containing sentiments that harm a marginalised community without providing a constructive or original contribution to the discussion. Free speech is something you demand from your government, not from us.