Who are these masked mysterious bloggers?

Caphesuada has studied history, politics and education. She is white, straight and has primarily lived in Australia. She spends (what her parents consider) too much time listening to podcasts, playing Sims, watching TV and reading all of the internet. When she leaves the house she likes good coffee and travel.

Clare is a queer, cisgendered woman living in Melbourne, Australia and currently getting a degree in history. She spends a lot of time reading superhero comic books, genre fiction and YA books and playing video games. She also loves TV and films and spends a lot of time thinking about them. She is fat and has unorthodox brain chemistry.

Connie is a queer 1.5 generation Chinese-Australian and works in law assisting marginalised groups within the community. She likes art, pop culture, fashion, DIY, and swing dancing and believes that activism begins in the areas you love most. She is also the resident webmistress and 96% of her superpowers come from her blue hair.

Rachael is a queer, nerdy, white cisfemale with a bachelor’s degree in economics and a give ’em hell attitude. She has a culturally unacceptable amount of body fat but sometimes “passes”, and she accesses some forms of thin privilege but not others. She has unorthodox brain chemistry. She believes in leveraging the privilege one has in order to smash the kyriarchy. In her spare time she enjoys reading, swimming in the ocean, hiking, martial arts and shouting.

Aditi is a queer woman of colour and an editor extraordinaire who keeps the rest of SJL from saying foolish things. Most of the time.

8 thoughts on “Authors”

  1. As an alternative to commenting on the entire archive of SJL, I thought I’d just drop in here and say I <3 this blog and you all rock. Expect multiple comments from me going forward 🙂

  2. As a cis-gendered male with a subtle fear of feminists (mainly due to Oprah) I want to say that I really appreciate these blogs. They are interesting, unique and absolutely thought provoking. I use them for Social Justice discussions at my university and they always strike up a great dialogue between my peers and me. When addressing newly published media, you always bring great topics to the table, and I just want to say I totally wish you were in my classes 🙂 Keep up the great work!!

  3. I just found your kick-ass blog and read all of the posts you’ve done and was quite dismayed to reach the end. You’ve given me a lot to think about. Your analysis of areas where I don’t have privilege is totally spot-on to how I feel, and your information about areas where I do have it has been really enlightening. Thanks!

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