Spam (Please Stand-by)

Hello readers!

Unfortunately we’ve just gone through another round of getting hacked by spammers. It should now be cleaned, but if you experience any spam redirects please, please, please let us know.

There will be some announcements and updates from us in the near future as well!  SJL are doing well – we’ve just been incredibly busy these past few months.

5 Comments on Spam (Please Stand-by)

  1. Just wondering if you have tried Akismet for dealing with spam. I haven’t yet, although I;m getting up to 12 spam comments per day (mostly, it seems, form porn sites) so considering it. I gather it’s free for personal (ie non-business) use and I think there might be a widget/or would it be a plugin for WordPress?
    You are probably far more tech-savvy than I am but just thought to mention it.
    Best, Joan Beckwith (from 2020socialjustice)

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