A Note About Our Posting Schedule

Well, that title is a lie: we don’t have a posting schedule. Shocking! Yes, yes, we confess to everything. We just post things as we write them, and our blog is more like a collection of essays than an online magazine or whatever the cool kids call their cool blogs. We want to put up posts that we think are useful and well reasoned (stop laughing!) and so if we don’t have anything, we don’t post anything.

At the moment things are especially quiet around here. That’s because I’m in the process of relocating from Australia to the US for my PhD (or “grad school” as I now call it in a desperate bid to fit in with the Americans). The other members of SJL have busy lives as well! Also Connie broke her toe recently. Okay I’m just making excuses now.

We have posts in the pipeline, but right now other things are taking precedence. And although we can’t promise regular updates, we can promise that we are not going away anytime soon.

Author: Rachael

Rachael is a queer, nerdy, aneurotypical, white cisfemale with a bachelor's degree in economics and a give 'em hell attitude. She has a culturally unacceptable amount of body fat but sometimes "passes", and she accesses some forms of thin privilege but not others. She believes in leveraging the privilege one has in order to smash the kyriarchy. She is a big geek, an atheist, a skeptic, and a fan of science. In her spare time she enjoys meditation, going to therapy, and shouting.

4 thoughts on “A Note About Our Posting Schedule”

  1. I have been playing some really good Sims, just fyi. (Also finishing a Uni semester and getting a holiday job)

  2. As someone who’s posting on my own blog can charitably described as erratic, I sympathise and will say that I look forward to whenever you’re able to put up new posts.

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