Happy New Year!

On behalf of everyone at SJL, I want to wish all our readers a very happy arbitrary-orbital-segmentation-point! Thank you all for stopping by, no matter how often you do so – and especially if you have contributed to the discussion in any way.

SJL is a labour of love for us, and we really only post once a week. We’re so grateful for the level of interest and stimulating commentary you guys have already provided. Obviously, we’d do it to an empty room if we had to: this blog was born because we spend a lot of our time talking these issues through together, so we’re used to that! But we’re really happy when we manage to write something that resonates with you, or makes you reconsider something, or articulates something you already felt. That’s what we do for each other, and that’s what we hope we’re doing with this blog.

In particular, to our handful of regular commenters, re-posters, re-bloggers, twitter heralds and assorted linkers-at-large: you are magnificent. I can’t count how many times one of you has made my day, and I know the rest of SJL feel the same. Thank you all, wherever you are.

Author: Rachael

Rachael is a queer, nerdy, aneurotypical, white cisfemale with a bachelor's degree in economics and a give 'em hell attitude. She has a culturally unacceptable amount of body fat but sometimes "passes", and she accesses some forms of thin privilege but not others. She believes in leveraging the privilege one has in order to smash the kyriarchy. She is a big geek, an atheist, a skeptic, and a fan of science. In her spare time she enjoys meditation, going to therapy, and shouting.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year!”

    1. Is it bad that every time we have a slightly dead comment thread I want to spam pictures of Loki? That’s literally my first impulse in these situations.

  1. Happy New Gregorian Calendar Year to you too!

    Hopefully this year I can pull off my intentions of actually commenting on blogs I like, as opposed to just reading them and wishing I could be friends with everyone who does 😛

    Also, I second the Loki picspam. Because seriously, how is that ever a bad thing?

    1. Awww thanks, we are glad you are reading and enjoying even if you don’t comment (although comments are of course lovely and welcomed). Happy 2012/end of the world to you too!

  2. Happy new solar orbital cycle iteration!

    I have only today discovered this blog (via some obscure hyperlink trail from a tumblr page), and I absolutely loves it. Reading older posts is providing excellent procrastination. Will definitely be checking back regularly!

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