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I’ve been notified that the website is having some spam problems, namely redirects from Google. Currently looking into how to clean it up, but I have a sneaking suspicion that I will need to back-up and reinstall a clean copy of WordPress from scratch. I will probably be doing this tonight but in the meantime, but you can keep in touch with us via Twitter.

EDIT 1: Looks like all our PHP files have been infected and a clean install is the best bet to ensuring the website is malcode free. I’ll be doing this tonight with my fingers crossed that I don’t accidentally delete everything. In the future please let us know if something’s broken on the site as soon as you see it! SJL is a labour of love and we’re not always able to notice these sorts of things promptly.

EDIT 2: As of right now posting this, I am pretty sure that the site is clean. HOWEVER, there is a good chance that the spam may come back. I’d do a more thorough investigation, but that would require a lot more time than I have on my hands right now so I’m hedging my bets that it won’t come back. Please, please, please let us know if you experience any further problems. Thanks everyone!

5 Comments on Spam Spam Spam

  1. Rachael Rachael says:



  2. Caphesuada Caphesuada says:

    Excellent Webmistress-ing Connie, you are my hero!

  3. Lap says:

    So is it safe to send marriage proposals yet? I’d hate to be confused for a bot net.

    • Rachael Rachael says:

      Your respectful romantic overtures are welcome in this difficult time for SJL. We would never confuse you for a bot net.

  4. Your Blogger says:

    First they came for the bloggers, and I did not speak up, because whatever, who cares? etc.

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